• Strict Guidlines Compliance

    We strictly adhere to the guidance provided by the CPSP for writing synopsis and dissertation while maintaining content's quality.
  • Perfect Grammar & Spelling

    Our team ensures the usage of English is up to the international standards. We thoroughly review our work with tools like Grammarly.
  • Proper Referencing

    We provide ample references in the dissertation that are in accordance with the guidelines of CPSP and international dissertation ethics.
  • 01 – Introduction

    Drawing attention towards the introduction of your dissertation by elaborating the background, problem statement, research goal and question, limitation and significance.

  • 03 – Methodology

    Revealing the final research approaches to gather and analyze the relevant data by using specific data tools as per the hypothesis model.

  • 05 – Dissertation Discussion

    Critical discussion over the dissertation aim and final implications founded over the data in relation to the research question.

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